Published on:
April 20, 2022

A Reason to Celebrate


Happy 7 Year Anniversary to The Portland Girl - we are thrilled to celebrate this milestone!

My name is Allison and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this business grow, evolve and prosper from the start. Then I was even luckier to have the opportunity to join the team.

The Early Years

In 2015, The Portland Girl opened its debut location in the Woodlawn neighborhood. I able to get in for an appointment a few days after opening and was so excited to check it out!  The studio was so cute- a townhouse type location with two treatment rooms upstairs. I had my first facial, ended up trying a little lip sugaring, and was immediately SOLD! I was also fascinated about The Portland Girl’s skin care line, and the products that were recommended for my skin- some of which I still use today- hello Hella Hydration and Valencia Toner!

At the time I was pregnant and was gifted a membership from my husband for my first Mother’s Day. The treat of a monthly facial was something I looked forward to every month and was so happy to have time set aside for my own well-being as I was usually so focused on my new baby.

After my membership concluded, Anna (the owner) and I met up and were talking about how fun it would be to plan a holiday party for TPG. And the rest was history. The party was a hit! We had a blast, had so much support from clients, vendors, and the whole TPG team. After that I was invited to manage the studio. I’ve loved getting to know clients over the years and help support the team. I was even inspired to go to beauty school so I could work in the treatment room.

There is a learning curve to becoming an esthetician at TPG, especially when it comes to sugaring. I remember my first day practicing legs on a friend, and I had to reach out to an advanced sugarista and have her help me get unstuck. She made it look easy and was able to get me out of my sticky situation in just a flick or two. I was so impressed!  Now I’m training new esthys in sugaring and helping them get unstuck with a flick or two. I have come along way!

Growth and Change

After a few years, a second studio location was needed to meet the demand for services, and the SE location was born. Getting that location open was a challenge, but it all came together beautifully. Personally, I love the SE location because the treatment rooms are spacious, and everything feels intentionally planned to fit the needs of the business.

Over the years the TPG product line added masks, serums, a cleanser, a toner, and one of my favorite products- the Oracle Oil. The Portland Girl line eventually rebranded, and Clean Beauty Cult was born.

At the beginning of COVID, we decided to close our Woodlawn location, and get down to just one location. Our SE studio is going strong, and we are so grateful to be able to serve clients through the craziness. We have an amazing team of inspired and passionate estheticians and guest services staff. Many of our clients have been visiting for years or have just found us and have become a part of The Portland Girl family.

Last year, Anna (The Portland Girl founder) moved to the coast full time and sold the business to two couples that have been so supportive and caring for the team. As with many estheticians, Anna can’t stay out of the treatment room long and she can still be found working shifts at the studio.

Cheers to 7 years, and many more opportunities to celebrate ahead!

Allison Chown, studio trainer and esthetician

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