Why Sugaring

Sugaring is a gentle and effective alternative to traditional waxing, and it's perfect for those with sensitive skin. Additionally, it is an alternative that is environmentally friendly, easy on your skin and aids in permanent hair reduction.

Sugaring honey in a bowl near plant

Biodegradable, Cruelty-Free, & Vegan

Sugar wax is simple yet clean and effective, containing just three ingredients: sugar, water, and lemon juice.

Our paste, which is provided by Tamara's Sugar based in Seattle, WA, is 100% organic, cruelty-free, vegan, and biodegradable - so you never have to feel guilty about your self-care days.

Can Lead to Permanent Hair Reduction

As you get sugared, over time your follicles become "damaged" due to the consistent removal of hair, resulting in lower performing hair follicles.

Which just means that they produce less and thinner hair! On a biological level, the removal of hair weakens the follicle more and more with each appointment, causing hair to grow back more sparse, and can even halt or dysregulate the cycles permanently!

Hair follicle
Woman with soft skin

Treat Your Skin Right

Sugar wax is the key to getting super smooth, exfoliated, and soft skin, without all of the downsides and waste! Unlike hard wax, sugar is safe (and actually good) for your skin; sugar will neither burn nor remove living skin, as it is the same temperature as your body, and cannot attach to living cells.

On the flip side, sugar can grab onto dead skin with ease and exfoliates as it goes, so you'll leave feeling refreshed and soft. Contrary to traditional wax, sugar wax removes hair in the direction in which it grows, which aids in also reducing and/or ridding the area of ingrown hairs!

Pain Reduces Over Time!

Consistent sugaring results in reduced or loss of function of/in the follicle. The function of the follicle is to anchor the hair strands, and to promote regular hair growth. When those processes are disrupted, the hair can be removed much more easily.

This also means that the follicle's connection to your nerve endings also gets weakened, so with each appointment, you can notice the pain subsiding as well. This is your sign to switch to sugar & never look back!

Hair removal with sugaring

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