Published on:
October 28, 2019

Awesome Date Night Activities in Portland

Is there anything better than date night, or better yet, a day date? (Well, maybe a girl’s weekend.) There’s nothing like exploring a cool city like Portland with someone you love or someone you want to get to know better! You'll find tons of amazing date night activities in Portland that you just won't get anywhere else.But the old dinner and a movie date is soooo old, and there are way better things to do in this amazing city. Here are just a few of our favorite date night spots for you and your significant other, to begin a budding relationship, for a girl’s night out, or even a solo outing! (Come on, you can take yourself on dates too!)

 Awesome Date Activities in Portland, Oregon - Th Portland Girl

Visit a winery

Oregon is home to one of the most amazing wine scenes in the world, so take advantage! Visit one (or a few) of the several wineries in and around Portland and learn all about the wine making process. You can even find yourself a wine tour so you can do more tasting and less driving!You can make this part of an afternoon date or stretch it out all day! Check out one of the 500 wineries in the area and book a tour.

Catch a concert at the Crystal Ballroom

This ballroom is over a century old and once hosted actual fancy balls, like with dancing and live music and everything! It’s now a stunning concert venue featuring all kinds of well-known and upcoming artists. If you and your dates are music buffs, check out a show here! Some shows require a ticket fee while others are totally free. Check out their show schedule here.

Get crafty at DIY Bar

Looking for a creative date? You’ll LOVE this local crafting bar where you can enjoy a cocktail while making macrame, string art, a painting, a leatherworking project, and lots more! They provide all the materials and instruction, so all you have to do is book your project in advance and show up! Projects can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours, so you can easily work this into a longer date or make this the main event. Check out their menu of projects here. You and your date will love creating a memento of your time together!

Go for a bike ride

Portland is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country and is tons of fun to explore. You’ll get to know the city so much better on a bike than you ever would in a car or public transportation!Grab your own wheels or rent bikes from BiketownPDX and explore the city with its many parks, bridges, and quirky neighborhoods. You’ll love exploring the city together! You could also combine this with one of our other picks for an even more amazing date.

Knot Springs

Take your sweetie for a luxurious soaks at these hot springs where you can relax and enjoy a gorgeous view of the city. There are tons of spa options to choose from whether you want a hardcore detox or to just deeply relax. You can also enjoy a sauna and couples massage to wrap up your soak session. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, you can also try a fitness class together before jumping into the other treatments! Make sure to book in advance. This might become your new favorite place in the city!

Grab a Cocktail at Radar

This local restaurant is named after—get this—a pirate (and artist, restaurateur, and dad), and their one-of-a-kind cocktails are incredible. They specialize in American coastal cuisine with locally sourced ingredients. The owners are wonderful people, and you can actually see straight into the kitchen. How many restaurants are that confident? This is one of my favorite food spots in PDX. If you and your sweetie love great food and drinks, don’t miss this!

Take a class at the Viscount Dance Studio

If you’ve been in love with Dancing with the Stars for years but have been too nervous to give partner dance a whirl, I can’t recommend the Viscount enough. You can try all kinds of ballroom classes like cha-cha, tango, salsa, and swing (just to name a few) and it’s great for beginners. My husband and I took salsa lessons here for years, and I can tell you: this place is amazing!

First Friday PDX

Check out Portland’s bustling art scene! This art stroll takes place on the first Friday of each month. You can browse more than 20 local studios, galleries, and small shops and even talk to the artists. This is a great (and affordable!) date for art lovers. Grab some food and a drink before or after you stroll, and you’ve got the perfect date!

Score some points at Retro Game Bar

In the mood to kick your date’s you-know-what at Donkey Kong?This local barcade boasts over 1,000 video games on tons of different game systems, so no matter what kind of games you’re into, you and your date will have tons of fun sharing your favorites together.Try a newer game you’ve never played before or revisit your favorite retro Nintendo games to feel like a kid again (But, you know, you can still enjoy an adult beverage while you play!).

His, hers, and theirs facials at The Portland Girl

Get glowing skin together at The Portland Girl!If you need to relax and unwind after a gaming marathon at the nearby Retro Game Bar, check out of full menu of skincare services of facials, masks, and add-on goodies to get targeted care for your unique skin. You’ll both look and feel amazing! If you aren’t sure which facials are right for you, give us a call and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help! We’re also happy to help you get ready for date night with sugaring so you can feel super smooth and confident! Check out our menu for her, him, and them here. Portland is one of the best cities to enjoy with your sweetie, and there are endless options to explore! No matter what you both like to do, you’ll find something you can enjoy together.

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