Published on:
September 9, 2015

Portland Girl Spotlight: Veronica Bolinger of Bliss Babe Oils

Hello beauties,

Team Portland Girl is sooo excited to kick off our “Portland Girl” blog series with an interview with one of our very own VIP members and one of our product-makers.

Her name is Veronica Bolinger. She’s a mom, a small business owner, and a seriously fun person to have a few giggles with (which you will have to find out for yourself at our next “Portland Girl” party)!

Portland Girl Spotlight: Veronica Bolinger of Bliss Babe Oils - The Portland Girl

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m a SoCal native who loves a cold day in the forest just as much as a sunny day on the beach! I made my way north to Humboldt State in 2001, for college, and traveled further north to Portland once I finished my degree in Anthropology. I worked behind the counter of a few different cosmetics companies to pay the bills, and that’s where my knowledge of good skincare habits began to form.

At the time, I had no idea that deep down inside was a real passion for the industry and that 15 years later (after a short career in Montessori Education, a husband, and a daughter) I would start up my own natural skin and body care company called Bliss Babe Oils. Now all I want to do is concoct beautiful products that make people feel good and travel the world with my family.

What kind of a "Portland Girl" are you?

I’m a walking dichotomy. I’m the Portland Girl who loves the rain and does not own an umbrella, but I am SO ready for a sunny beach getaway come January! I enjoy getting dirty and going makeup free, but I equally love to spend time in front of the mirror primping. I love a good IPA and burger just as much as a delicious salad and a big-ass glass of wine. I’m the girl that has a hard time deciding on what to order at the table because it all looks so good! And that pretty much sums up my perspective on life too :)

What is your biggest outlet for your creative expression?

Most definitely can find Veronica and Anna (co-owner of The Portland Girl) partaking in Zumba on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Brilliant Body PDX if you ever want to join!

What 1 food and 1 beverage could you not live without?

Sushi and wine are my faves. Which makes being pregnant for me extra challenging!

Portland Girl Spotlight: Veronica Bolinger of Bliss Babe Oils - The Portland Girl

What is your favorite part of living in Portland, OR?

The foodie culture and the geographical location. I love having access to the coast as well as mountains and rivers, and that all of it can be enjoyed in a single day excursion!

What is your current self-care routine, and why is it important to you?

I’m all about self care and beauty rituals! I believe it’s important to have a strong awareness of not only what you put into your body by way of nutrition, but also what goes into your body by way of beauty products.

I use therapeutic grade essential oils daily, as part of my beauty regime, as well as for physical and emotional support. I cleanse my face in the morning with cleansing grains and in the evening with a cleansing balm that removes any make-up and grime from the day.

I am obsessed with face mists (or toners), and I spritz my face after every wash to bring balance back to my skin, as well as throughout the day for a refresh. They are flower waters with essential oils in them, so they not only improve my skin, but they make the air all around me smell amazing! I always follow with a face serum, and I usually have one for the day and a different one for the night to repair my skin while I sleep. In the morning I top it all off with a natural based sunscreen.

I also try to do a mini home facial once a week that consists of a facial steam with nourishing botanicals to open up my pores and prep my skin for my choice of a clay mask; rhassoul is my favorite! Depending on my skin's’ needs, I will either mix it with a hydrosol, honey, coconut oil, or yogurt.

Portland Girl Spotlight: Veronica Bolinger of Bliss Babe Oils - The Portland Girl

For years I have wanted to include a monthly facial with a professional as part of my self care, and I am so happy to say that I do now! I absolutely love my membership with The Portland Girl and how it allows me to keep up on my sugaring maintenance as well as the health of my skin. The Balanced Beauty is a no brainer in my opinion; it’s a convenient and affordable way to make self care a priority. Plus, I always leave there glowing inside and out!

You can learn more about Veronica and her products at Bliss Babe Oils, and you can even smell a few of her lovely essential oil blends at our studio!

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