Kelly B.

Kelly B.

Team Coordinator

Where are you from?

Here and there. I grew up in the beautiful Pacific NW and later inhabited the Midwest (for far too long). Quite happy to be back among the trees, mountains and sea.

What's your deal? Who are you in two sentences?

I'm a friendly introvert who loves organization, cats, plants, the outdoors, and my alone time. I am an emotional being and cry at the drop of a hat.

Why do you like working at TPG?

In this day and age, we seem to be going nonstop. I enjoy being a part of an organization that reminds folks to take a moment and focus on self-care. There's nothing like seeing how our services bring such peace, joy, and self confidence to our clients!

In another life, who might you have been?

Hopefully someone who never had control issues. ;-)

What is one product from TPG you're obsessed with & why?

Rhonda Allison's Drop of Essence. She provides that dewy hydration that my skin always seems to be lacking.

What is your favorite service to receive?

Dermaplane facial!

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