Logan A.

Logan A.

Studio Manager

Where are you from?

Tahoe, CA

What's your deal? Who are you in two sentences?

A gorlie who loves to take care of others, and experience life in all it's phases. Here for a good time, not a long time.

Why do you like working at TPG?

TPG has been a place that has felt like home to me for many years. Between the team and the clients, you are always surrounded by amazing and inspiring humans. It's absolutely rad.

In another life, who might you have been?

Ideally, a marine iguana in the Galapagos, but I could also see myself as a beheaded Queen. Fingers crossed the next one is cool.

What is one product from TPG you're obsessed with & why?

Literally ANYTHING from KANA (their ingredients and formulations are unique and lifechanging), or the Coco Skin Elixir from Clean Beauty Cult - it smells like a dream and is my go-to summer serum!

What is your favorite service to receive?

Love me a good post-Bushwacker feel. The facials are absolutely indulgent as well; our esthies sure know how to make you feel special.

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