Logan A.

Logan A.

Studio Manager

About Me

I grew up in Northern California, near Lake Tahoe, and then moved down to San Luis Obispo for a few years. After a short while, I missed the trees, so I made my way up here, and I am loving it! My experimental makeup journey began when I was about 12, and ever since then, it has been my passion. I love how fluid and inclusive the beauty industry is, and how there are always new and exciting products being discovered. I also love how really anyone and everyone can find their place in this industry due to its versatility and ever-changing boundaries.

When I’m Not At The Portland Girl I’m...

When I am not studying, I am usually found hanging out with my plants, or out buying new plant friends! My three favorite things in this world are my cats, my plants, and my partner so I spend as much time around them as I can. During the summer, I do switch it up a little and spend a ton of time at the river or the lake, either rafting or swimming. I also love going out with friends, whether it be to a new bar, to the beach, or on another adventure!

What kind of ‘Portland Girl’ are you?

I am a bit of a mixed bag, I certainly love my days of spontaneity; when I get to go out adventure around Portland, or in the woods. I also definitely value getting cozy in my apartment and watching the rain or The Office. I do tend to hibernate a bit in the winter, so you won’t see me out and about too much then.

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