Vi E.

Vi E.

Esthetician / Lead Sugar Trainer

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Salem, Oregon. I moved to Portland in 2013 after coming up pretty much every weekend as a teen.

What's your deal? Who are you in two sentences?

Wow, there’s no way to sum up this amount of awesomeness in two sentence. But yeah, I’m cool and funny and pretty and have a cute dog I’ll show you pictures of - you’ll love me!

Why do you like working at TPG?

In another life, who might you have been?

What is one product from TPG you're obsessed with & why?

Apex Algae! It’s versatile enough to use as an eye cream and moisturizer for a nourishing and super long lasting hydration. Pro tip - I love mixing it with a pump of Drop of Essence for an extra yummy, pro youth, fatty acid barrier. This is how I keep my baby face.

What is your favorite service to receive?

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