Published on:
January 31, 2016

8 Ways to Treat Yourself in Portland

Here at the Portland Girl, we are BIG advocates for taking time to care for yourself. You deserve it! Plus, when you actively take time out for self care, you're filling your "bucket" instead of depleting it.If you're in the Portland area, whether you live here or you're planning a visit, check out these fun Portland-based businesses to treat yourself! We've collected a fun selection of events, experiences and things to do.

8 ways to treat yourself in portland

Our Top Picks to Treat Yourself in Portland

1. Move That Body

Portland Girl #Self-Love Lowdown - The Portland Girl


Booty Luv® Fitness was created to help people, especially women, develop a POSITIVE relationship with their hips, booty, core, and thighs.The fusion of FUN-ctional training, barre, Pilates, yoga, kick-boxing and "booty breakdowns™" increases strength, flexibility, and balance-and it's all set to dirty bass music with no misogynistic lyrics! Booty Luv® inspires you to love your body and booty for what it can DO, to feel sexy and strong.

2. Get Inspired

Portland Girl #Self-Love Lowdown - The Portland Girl


A sex-centric storytelling show where people from all spectrums tell their true, unscripted and unmemorized stories about sex and sexuality on stage in front of a live audience.

Many of their stories promote self-love, and self-acceptance as well as allowing audience members to connect and relate to the stories being told that often result in the same self-love realizations.

3. Tap Into Your Creativity

Portland Girl #Self-Love Lowdown - The Portland Girl


Ready to get artsy? Mimosa Studios is a paint-your-own-pottery studio located on NE Alberta Street that has been open since 2001. Painters of all ages and abilities are welcomed by their friendly team.

4. Create a Beauty Ritual

Portland Girl #Self-Love Lowdown - The Portland Girl


These amazing products are sourced from around the globe. They encourage you to create small but restorative rituals in your everyday life. Waking up to a spritz of organic Bulgarian Rose Water every morning as a way to start your day with joy.

Or masking with Rhassoul Clay while you take a salt soak in the evening to detoxify and let go. In our busy, modern lives it's important to take time to chill out, unwind and treat ourselves to a quiet experience every now and then. This is how they promote self love at Beauty Archaeology.

5. Play Up Your Look

Portland Girl #Self-Love Lowdown - The Portland Girl


Have the afternoon free? Head over to Frock on Alberta for unique & expressive fashion that will certainly 'play up' that inner beauty we know you have going on!

6. Balance Your Body

Portland Girl #Self-Love Lowdown - The Portland Girl


Bex Grobener (acupuncturist) at The Local Healer in the Woodlawn neighborhood is said by many of our Portland Girl clients to have the magic touch! If you're ready to use needles to align your heart and your mind, then check her out here!

7. Nourish Your Body + Soul


Vtopia is an all vegan eatery in Portland, specializing in plant-based cheese and cheese dishes. Who doesn't love cheese?!

Get your cheese fix without harming your body, animals, or the planets. Try one of their delicious soups, sandwiches, or their famous mac and cheese with all kinds of fun add-ons.

8. Pamper Your Skin

Stop by and see us at The Portland Girl for a sugar wax or facial! We have monthly specials you're going to love, plus natural skin care products, makeup, and candles you can purchase.

Bring a friend or even your man (we have services he'll love too!). Check out our menu of sugaring services here and facial menu here.

Sip a mimosa while you wait in our warm and inviting space. Self care at its best! We hope to see you soon!

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