Published on:
February 7, 2020

Portland Girl Spotlight: Kora Goodman

It's been too long since we've done one of our Portland Girl Spotlights! We're so excited to get back into the swing of things and we're kicking off 2020 with an interview with Kora Goodman, founder of Kore Herbals.

We first met Kora awhile back when she came into our studio for some self care and we fell in love with her immediately! She is kind, grounded and inquisitive. When we found out she had her own natural skin and body product line, we began carrying a few of her goods in our shops. The rest is history.

Meet Kora!

Kora Goodman - The Portland Girl

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m an herbalist, musician, and total animal lover.

I’ve always had my hands in a few rotating projects and I’m delighted to have found the perfect balance now. I love to teach others about the magical properties of plants for wellness and beauty in addition to playing shows with my band and caring for the pollinators and wild creatures in my garden.

What kind of a "Portland Girl" are you?

I’m a walk in the forest rain, dessert baking, plant-loving Portland Girl. I’ve lived across the U.S. as well as abroad and finally feel I’ve found my forever home in the pacific northwest. Portland is the city of my dreams and I’m proud to call myself a Portland Girl.

Favorite quote or motto?

“From this situation, only good will come” - Louise Hay

This is such a great affirmation for me when unexpected challenges arise.

Kora Goodman - The Portland Girl

What is your biggest outlet for your creative expression?

My musical project, Pilot Star, is an incredible outlet of creativity for me. I started writing songs when I was in my early twenties while living in Hawaii. Since then, I’ve written two albums and I’m working on a third which will be released in the summer of 2020. My music can be found at

What 1 food and 1 beverage could you not live without?

I was born in Asia so my favorite comfort food is Japchae Korean noodles with kimchee. I absolutely love fermented black Pu’erh tea. Preferably with a splash of nut milk.

Kora Goodman - The Portland Girl

What is your favorite part of living in Portland, OR?

Whether it be through one’s style, art, or even pushing their senior dog down the street in a stroller, I love the character this city has within each individual being unapologetically themselves.

What is your current self-care routine, and why is it important to you?

My self-care routine starts with loose leaf tea in the morning. Tea cannot be rushed. Sitting and allowing it to properly steep, steam, and cool allows me to slowly wake up while sipping this warming and activating herbal concoction.

I notice a difference in my mental well-being when I take my time with tea. Tea is a ceremonious experience. Drinking steamed plant essences from a handmade mug is a truly rich self-care experience.

Kora Goodman - The Portland Girl

If you have a business or want to be reached, how can our readers get in touch?

My business, Kore Herbals, is a plant-based skincare line that encourages self-care rituals through ceremonious living. Some of the products we currently offer include flower essence skin mists, powder face masks, and botanical sugar scrubs. We are also passionate about education and offer DIY Beauty Bar workshops to inspire reconnecting with nature through plant-based ingredient blending.

Our products can be found in many locations throughout Portland, including The Portland Girl, as well as in our online shop,

Contact us

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