Published on:
July 26, 2015

Beautiful Like Beyonce (on a budget)

I've always been a little jealous of Beyonce (or maybe "in awe" is a better expression). She's confident, glowing and straight up OWNS IT!

She is one of those ladies that walks into a room with a strut and a smile and everyone pays attention...and they do this because she is beautiful and amazing. I've never been in a room with her, so I'm sort of making that up, but you KNOW it's true!! I happen to think that even if Beyonce weren't famous, she would still have that power over everyone that she met.

The bad news? Well, word on the street is that Beyonce spends upwards of 1 million dollars a year on her beauty regimen!

I'm not here to judge her for her extravagance. However, one thing that our members at The Portland Girl understand (that maybe Beyonce doesn't), is that beauty doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.

It's possible to feel like a million bucks and own a room without costing you a million bucks.

Beautiful like beyonce on a budget - The Portland Girl

Here are 3 budget friendly ways to feel beautiful on a non-Beyonce budget:

1. Take Baths!

It's almost free and you can do fun things like put a few drops of essential oils or a scoop of epson salts into your bath water. Light a few candles, put on a relaxing Spotify station, and feel like a million bucks! Just note that making your bath water too hot can end up dehydrating your skin and making you feel light-headed. So keep it warm, but not scalding!

Portland R&R: Our Favorite Places to Relax and Recharge in Portland - The Portland Girl

2. Do a quick facial steam.

A lot of clients tell me that I have nice "dewy" skin. While getting regular facials helps, a big part of this is that I end up steaming my skin 3 days a week when I'm giving facials to clients! You don't need a fancy steamer to do this.

  • Simply boil some hot water and place it in a big bowl with or without herbs. (Check these fun ones out that one of our members makes.)
  • Get in a comfortable seat and lean over the hot bowl with a towel over your head and the bowl.
  • Enjoy for 5-10 minutes as the steam rises and the towel traps it in. Hydrating your pretty face in the process! Your face will glow!

3. Regular Facials.

Another affordable way to take your self-care ritual to the next level is to get regular facials! Believe it or not, the deep cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, massage, and microcurrent will not only make you look amazing, it will truly make you feel amazing!

And when you sign up for a Portland Girl Membership, you can commit to this monthly without breaking the budget. In fact, it will save you mucho money over time since our members not only save $30 on our facials, but they also get 10% off all our products!

You can join here!

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