Published on:
November 23, 2020

Self-Care Tips: How to Devote a Day to Self-Care

If there’s EVER been a time to devote a day to self-care, it’s now. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging on and the dust (kind of) settling after a turbulent election, many of us are burned out and in need of some serious relaxation. You need some self-care tips that work NOW, and preferably always.

Even if you can’t take a whole day off to dedicate to yourself because you have a busy job or a family, that’s okay! You deserve to take good care of yourself and feel amazing.

Here are some tips for devoting a day (or even a half-day, an hour, or even pockets in your busy schedule) to self-care.

Step 1: Mark your calendar.

It’s much easier to accomplish a plan when you actually have a plan, right?

Pick a date on your calendar that you can dedicate to self-care. This might be a weekend, a holiday, a day off, or even a regular workday that may be a little slower. It might be a snippet of time in your schedule. It might even be a day to simply set the intention to think about self-care. Whatever amount of time you CAN set aside for self-care, take it!

Step 2: Make a game plan.

What will you do on your day of self-care? The options are endless!

Is there anything you’ve been wanting to do that you just haven’t gotten to? (Only fun activities allowed here. No “shoulds” allowed!)

This might mean an at-home mani-pedi, a facial (on location or at home), or just taking time to pour a glass of wine and watch your favorite sitcom!

Do the things you don’t usually have time for, like dry brushing or an exfoliating mask. Or something you’ve wanted to try but haven’t yet, like sugaring or yoga nidra.

Don’t be afraid to indulge. Wear your favorite undies. Take the time for the extra steps in your skincare routine. That super fancy face mask you haven’t used yet? Bust it out! That gorgeous dress you’ve been saving for a special occasion? Wear it! That amazing-smelling candle you bought a year and a half ago but haven’t burned yet? Light it up!

Still drawing a blank? Here are some of our favorite self-care ideas:

Move your body in a way that feels amazing.

If you’re able, catch your favorite class at your local gym or studio. If that isn’t an option right now, spend some time moving in a way you love! Turn on music and dance. Go for a walk or a bike ride (bring a friend for extra fun!). Break out those rollerblades. Do a yoga or Pilates video on Youtube. Anything that’s fun and makes you feel amazing is fair game.

Take a nap.

Nothing can revive you like rejuvenating sleep! Try to go to bed early the night before your day of self-care, and, if you’re able, try waking up without an alarm. If you can, take a nap during the day. You’ll feel amazing!

Nourish your body and soul

Make or buy your favorite healthy treats! Be sure to include some colorful, hydrating, vitamin-rich fruits and veggies to nourish your skin and try making yourself a gorgeous infused water. It’s easy! Just slice up some fruit and put it in a pitcher of water, and place it in the fridge overnight. Add herbs to get really fancy!

Call a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to for a while

Many of us have struggled with loneliness and isolation this year as we strive to contain the spread of COVID-19. This is a great day to meet a friend for a walk (don’t forget your mask!), a phone call, or a Zoom hangout. (For extra points, enlist a friend to join you for your day of self-care via Zoom and text updates!)

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Step 3: Gather your supplies.

Prepare for your day of self-care! Make sure you have all your supplies at your fingertips so your day of self-care goes as smoothly as possible.

Buy the face mask and the cucumbers. Stock up on your healthy treats. Make sure your favorite outfit is clean. Lay out your workout clothes and your regular clothes. Arrange your spa day supplies in a beautiful way. Have some food ready to go so you don’t have to spend your self-care day on meal prep (unless you’re into that!).

This might also mean scheduling any necessary appointments. Book your massage or your facial. Reserve a table at your favorite lunch spot. Send an invitation for your Zoom hangouts with your best girlfriends.

Now you’re ready to go!

Step 4: Enjoy!

It’s time to follow through with your self-care plans! Do whatever you need to do in order to minimize distractions. If you tend to make self-care plans but then spend that time checking your work email, turn off your phone or tell a friend what you’re up to so they can hold you accountable.

This is YOUR time to rest, and you deserve it. This year has been exhausting. And if you’re reading this far in the future when times may not be so hectic, chances are that you can still use a day of self-care. These self-care tips are timeless!

You deserve to give that to yourself! Here at The Portland Girl, we want to support your self-care journey with high-quality products and services. Check out our online shop and a full menu of services to give yourself the gift of beautiful skin on your special day of self-care!

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