Published on:
May 30, 2019

Wedding Countdown: How to Prep Your Skin for the Big Day

The big day is coming up fast! You're busy planning your wedding, but have you put any thought into your wedding skin prep plan?I know you want to look your best for your big day, and you’re in the right place. You’re probably working out, shopping for the perfect dress, and pinning a million ideas for hairstyles, makeup looks, and manicures. However, planning a wedding is stressful, and stress is one of the worst things for your skin because it encourages hormone imbalances that cause breakouts, not to mention unhealthy behaviors like staying up late, drinking, and comfort eating delicious (but ultimately unhealthy) foods like fries and donuts.The bottom line is, this is when your skin might need a little extra help! No amount of photo editing will smooth and clear your skin like a solid skincare regimen and good old fashioned self-care.So let’s get to the plan, yeah? We recommend you start your wedding skin prep plan 3-6 months in advance using a combination of home skin care, good health practices, and professional facials.

The Foundations:

A solid home skincare routine.

Read more about that here.

  • Cleanse - If you want to prevent breakouts, you have to keep your skin clean! Wash morning and night with a gentle cleanser.
  • Tone - This balances the PH of your skin, which prevents breakouts and makes your skin nice and smooth. Read more about toner here.
  • Serum - This further smooths your skin and promotes a healthy glow! Try our Surfer Girl Serum for extra glow and deep hydration.
  • Night Cream  - Apply before going to bed to give your skip a whopping dose of hydration. Try our Hella Hydration for normal skin and Plant Power for aging skin.
  • Exfoliation - 2X per week to slough off dead skin cells that can clog pores. You can do this with a profesh facial or at home with exfoliating products.

Health diet, exercise, and lots of water

If you needed another reason to eat well and drink water, here you go! Your skin needs hydration, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats to look and feel its best, so make sure you’re chowing down on the good stuff. Focus on these:

  • Lemon water every morning and cucumber water throughout the day. Just squeeze a lemon into your glass in the morning and fill a pitcher with sliced cukes and water to last through the day. Hydration packs a double whammy because it helps you release water retention. Clear skin and no bloat for your wedding day? Yes, please!
  • Lots and lots of veggies. Try a big salad for lunch or veggies on the side at each meal.
  • Healthy proteins and fats. Our skin especially loves monounsaturated fats like avocado and olive oil.

Don’t forget to exercise as well! Exercise reduces stress and boosts circulation, so squeeze in a brisk walk, bike ride, or yoga class a few times a week.

Wedding Countdown: How to Prep Your Skin for the Big Day - The Portland Girl

The Facials

Now for the facials! This is the time to invest in professional, personalized skin care for the best results. In addition to eating healthy, drinking water, and your dialed-in home skincare regimen, here’s the facial schedule we recommend.  

6 Months Out

It’s time to start getting regular facials! This month, we recommend our Relax and Restore 60-minute facial because it’s perfect for exfoliation AND stress reduction. Twist your arm, right?Also, make sure to meet with your esthetician to set up a custom skincare regimen. Everyone’s skin is different, so working with a pro can help you figure out exactly what your unique skin needs.

4-5 Months Out

Get a few Quick Refresh 30-minute facials each month to help keep your new routine on track, refresh the skin, and keep pesky blackheads away.

Wedding Countdown: How to Prep Your Skin for the Big Day - The Portland Girl

3 Months Out

Time to get serious! This month, try a 30 or 60 minute Resurface Microderm Facial to begin the process of a more in-depth shedding of the epidermis. This facial get the skin's texture in check without irritating it and helps other products penetrate deeper.

2 Months Out

Try a MultiVitamin Hydration Facial to kick up your routine a notch and give your skin some much-needed vitamins and nutrients.

Wedding Countdown: How to Prep Your Skin for the Big Day - The Portland Girl

1 Week Out

Go an Ultimate Anti-aging OR another 60-minute Resurface Microderm facial to get ready for the big day! The Ultimate is the best because we pair it with LED and an HD hydration mask in addition to the microdermabrasion. It makes your skin silky smooth, reduces redness, and deeply hydrates. It’s even gentle enough to do 3 days prior to the wedding! We want you to look and feel your best for your wedding day, and we’re here to help! Check out our menu of services from facials and sugaring to professional makeup to help you look amazing on your wedding day, or a regular Tuesday too!

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